Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I recently just turned 21 on the 3rd. Being pregnant I couldn't go out and celebrate like most people who turn 21, so instead I went to the casino with my sister, mom and grandma. It was pretty fun. The first casino we went to my sister and I only spent 20 dollars the whole four hours we were there. The last min before we were getting ready to leave I stuck three dollars in this 2 cent machine and right off won 20 dollars. It kept going up from there. I cashed out at 19 but when the paper spit out at me it was for 39 dollars.! I was like sweet!
After that we went and had dinner at my other sisters house cause she lives a half hour away from the casino we were at. She bought pizza for us and I opened my present and we had a couple cup cakes that her and my niece made for my birthday. Delicious. a few hours later we went to Chinook wins casino. I was doing great at first. The first machine I sat at ate five dollars but I played it for a while. After it ate my first five dollars I was like I'm gonna go find another machine. But no I stuck five more in it and won 21, so I cashed that out and went up stairs to the wheel of fortune. I stuck the paper with the 21 dollars in the wheel of fortune. That machine was loving me.! I had that baby up to 70 dollars! I played it down to 50 cause I listened to my grandma lol. Cashed out at 50. I was like this is sweet! Already had doubled my money!
So my grandma and I left those machines and were off to find my mom in this crowded casino. Well as we passed a lot of machines and it started to get pretty boring walking around so I played some more machines. Lol They didn't seem to eat my money to fast but they did. So I pretty much left the casino with no extra cash. But I must say it was fun winning and then loosing. Had my sister gone to Chinook with us I feel that I wouldn't have put my money back in the machines. But oh well! It was fun! So that's how my 21st birthday went.:)


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  2. LOL it was fun though... I think you would have went home with money if i was there too. haha never listen to grandma!