Friday, November 19, 2010

Being pregnant and taking care of a 2 year old

I never would have imagined a harder job. Now that my belly is growing rather fast these days, I never thought keeping up with my 2 year old would be such a work out. I honestly can't sit down for more then five minutes with out having to clean up a mess, check on her, feed her, and everything else. I wish that guys could see how much work this really is, cause I would much rather go to work for 8 hours a day then be pregnant and chasing a 2 year old around all day. My Dr. asked me if my appetite is OK, because I haven't gained that much weight with this pregnancy. (Last time I gained way to much) I told him yeah I eat all the time. Just not as much junk food. More fruits and Vegetables. Anyways the point to that is that I didn't have a 2 year old to chase after when I was pregnant with Rhylie. So I had more time to lay around and not accomplish much lol. I don't think men fully understand the job that comes along with being a full time mommy.

Rhylie and her baby. She loves pretending to be a mom.:)
I love my job don't get me wrong but boy is it hard. I must say though, I love being able to be home with her and watch her grow everyday.

Last night I was coughing and my smart little princess says to me, 'Mom are you okay?" I said, 'Yes hunny I'm fine" She reply's, 'OK Mom." Lol it was the cutest thing ever! Although I'm complaining a little now, I honestly can't wait to have two of them running around.

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  1. That's what makes me kinda glad I don't have any atm. Cause my free time would go out the window! LOL

    But, I'll be happy when the time comes...

    Love that little face. <3

    - Your Big Sis