Friday, November 12, 2010

Mystery Missile

I have to say that this is BS. Why can't our government come forward right away and tell us what it was the flew out of the water that day? Why did it take them almost three days to come out and tell us that it was a flight from Hawaii to Arizona? I find it hard to believe that it was a plane myself, but everyone believes the government. I find it a bunch of crap. I have lots of questions and there not being answered. Why did a cruise ship just shut down. Everything, no motor, no cell phones, no nothing. They couldn't even use the bathrooms on that ship. Don't big cruise ships like that have back up motors or generators.? Why would everyone's cell phones not work? That to me is very odd. Unless a missile did in face go off around that cruise ship and shut everything down. It left that boat dead in the water that's just odd that there back up power wasn't working either. I'm sorry but I'm not buying this shit from the government. It makes me mad that they would even lie or cover this up. Makes you think what else have they covered up? 9/11??

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