Friday, October 22, 2010


Good morning everyone. I'm going to write about politics this morning. Just wanted to say a few things about some of them. Obama came to Seattle and Oregon to campaign for the up coming election for November 2. The people he is campaigning for, no surprise are no better then him. All they know how to do is talk. Once they get the position they are running for they go back on every word they spoke. It's politics. I just wish that people could see through all the BS and realize who is real out there. That's just my opion. I'm not trying to force any of my views on anyone, but if I can help people see what's really going on in our world that would be enough. Obama hasn't done what he said he was going to do while he was campaigning, so what makes people believe that the people he is campaigning for will do what they say. I just find it really funny. If people really want to make a change, research Ron Paul for the 2012 election. Research him anyways just so you know the real people in the congress. Anyways I think that's enough for now. Thanks all for reading this.


  1. That's how all politicians are. All of them say the stuff that we, the people want to hear. Once we elect them, then they don't do the shit they say. This is why I do not vote, because they don't follow through. It's all mumbo jumbo crap anyways and our opinions ultimately don't matter.

    Even Ron Paul, if he would have won, do you think he would have kept his word once president? Hell no!!

  2. Actually yes. As he is the only one that has been fighting to keep our constitution. They are trying to remake our constitution and get rid of some of the amendments and Ron Paul is highly against that. He has been for WE THE PEOPLE for a long time. You can tell by the way he votes and the things he does. I don't know I just can't stand these politicians.

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