Friday, October 29, 2010


So I was talking with the father of my daughter this morning and he wanted to talk about shots for our kids. I'm personally against shots. I don't like the stuff there putting in them these days and more an more cases of kids getting autism from them are becoming more frequent then I personally like. I feel like shots now a days do more harm then good. My daughter hasn't had most of her shots and she is bright and full of energy. Barely gets sick. Has puked one time from being sick, besides when she was a new born. I have friends that have gotten there kids all there shots and they are always sick, puking or have a cold. My sister also got my niece all her shots and she was always projectile vomiting. Ever since she stopped getting her, her shots she has been fine. I think if people really researched what they put in these shots they would think twice. Mercury is very harmful to infants and that is an ingredient in the Hept shot that they are required to get when there born. 
Now Shane (father) on the other hand wants her to have her shots. I understand his point of view but I don't want to take the chance of my beautiful little girl being the 5% or whatever it is of getting autism. She has been fine for two years, nothing wrong with her, why would I want to go put poison in her just to satisfy his needs.? I don't know what to do with this situation. I want him to know that his beliefs matter as well as mine. It's not what's best for us, it's what's best for Rhylie and I want him to understand that. 

If anyone has any input on this than feel free to say.! 


  1. Autism is something that is born in you not given to you from shots i know cause my son was born with it. and he showed signs before he ever got shots. but really its a matter of choice you either choose to protect your child form the disease that they could get by not getting them or you choose to protect hem in case it does happen. i choose to protect mine so i dont have to go through the horribleness of watching my child get sick and die.. not judging just saying lol

  2. Your kid is not going to die from not getting regular shots, I hate to break it to ya.

    And I agree with you Darcie, the stuff that they do put in these shots are very unnecessary and only cause you to get sick, rather than keep you from getting sick.

    Like the flu shot, when you receive it you're instantly sicker than a dog. I have never had a flu shot and I don't ever get sick, hmm I wonder why?

    Dr's nowadays want you to think that you need medicine and to visit them for every little thing, because they see it as money in their pocket.

    Like what newborn baby needs a friggin hepatitis b shot? Unless the parents have it, or something else, it isn't necessary. But, they rather pump the baby full of shit just to be on the safe side. Uhh yea, no thanks.

    You might want to research what is in the shots before actually getting them. Mercury is in most vaccines and is especially toxic to infants. So, you're doing your child more harm than good.

  3. I never said I was going to get the hepatitis b shot. I never got my daughter that one because of the fact that mercury is in that shot. Or maybe you were talking to the person above you. Either way, I'm against shots and think there unnecessary.

    If you researched that more cases of autism are being caused from shots. There is the one family who's kid was fine. Normal nothing wrong with it. He got his shots and he all off a sudden had autism. I would just do some research to see exactly what your putting in your kids body.

  4. it was directed towards the person above.. derka. :P LOl

  5. I figured that after I re-read what you wrote!